• Prison Ward

  • The weird horror happens at the background of hospital.

    The hospital director communicates with the outside world only by the examination…collecting human's giblets, bones, eyeballs, etc. to make simulated human.

    If you are asked at the hospital, your body would probably be collected.

  • VR One Hundred Ghost Stories Abandoned Hospital

  • Experience a hard-to-reach haunted mansion through the power of virtual reality! This creepy place has a ton of ghosts and other scary surprises waiting for curious explorers.¸«¤??

  • VR Horror House ~The Girl~

  • Japan's 1st  ¸«¤?? Combination of the VR technology and various special effects doubles the horror!

    "VR Horror House", a new attraction that gives you unexpected new feeling in a space of 360 ° with head mount display and special seat.

  • Mansion of Japanese Ghost Stories

  • The Mansion of Japanese Ghost Story reproduce the ghost world depicted in the famous Japanese traditional ghost stories such as¸«Ŗ?¸©­Yotsuya Kwaidan¸«Ŗ??¸«Į?¸©­¸«Ŗ?¸©­Bancho Sarayashiki¸«Ŗ??,¸«Ŗ?¸©­Hoichi the Earless¸«Ŗ??, etc.

    Different from the ordinary haunted house this Using various new facilities, stereo system and illumination, this Japanese Haunted House is more like an attractive museum.

  • Digital Horror House

  • First in Japan! The horror attraction with AR technique."Surviver from the Zombie Lab" starts from here! Go into the dark where the Zombies with mysterious virus hide and try to find the outlet of the horror lab with tablet terminals. Solve the puzzles and try to use the various items to drive off the Zombie and rescue the doctor from the lab. Can you drive off the Zombie and come back alive? The new attraction supported by new digital technologies.

  • House of Love and Horror

  • You would not know what's in the dark.Can you tie the red cloth that carries two people's hope to the inside of the shrine along a rope within the fixed time? /After the challenge, you have a chance to play the role scaring the next two challengers./The new horror attraction testing couple's love!! Game Rule¸«Į?¸«ŽEvery visitor must be paired with another to be admitted. A pair of male visitors is not admitted.2 people a group to enter(2 men are not allowed to enter); Please take off shoes before entrance.The disabled, pregnant and drunk are not permitted.

  • Sightseeing Helicopter Flight

  • The impressive air tour. Huis Ten Bosch Flight Experience.

    How about enjoying the view of Huis Ten Bosch from the sky? How about overlooking the Huis Ten Bosch, the Saikai Bridge that is famous for its eddy and whirling tide, and Kujukushima at peaceful Omura Bay on sunny day? Please come to join the helicopter tour!